Report Summary: Hemp & CBD Industry Factbook

Exclusive Insights From This Factbook

Optimize your business decisions with all-new data and analysis on hemp and CBD exclusively published in this report. Apply research-driven insights from The Hemp & CBD Industry Factbook to understand economic, agricultural and regulatory developments impacting your position and growth in the industry. The thorough evaluations of current and upcoming industrywide challenges in this report are fundamental for maintaining a competitive edge in the industry today.


Authoritative analysis of looming regulatory changes based on revived interest in today’s hemp market

• Explanation of complex policy updates contributing to rapid change in the industry.
• The role of global trade and imports policy already affecting U.S. market opportunity.
➙ Is the U.S. poised to compete with powerhouse producers like Canada and China? While domestic production has grown rapidly, fluctuating import trends paint a different picture of how domestic producers are keeping up with hemp & CBD demand.

Breakdowns of preliminary considerations and obstacles across each U.S. state

• State-by-state requirements and fees for licensing and testing.
• Information on seed regulation and licensing for growers in each state.
• Market forecasts revealing realistic projections and expectations for new and existing hemp ventures.

Comprehensive information for processors and extractors to consider as demand for CBD surges

• Profitability for entrepreneurs entering or expanding current efforts in hemp extraction.
• Top challenges facing today’s processors – from fundraising to scalability and more.
• Established professionals’ outlooks and positions on the growing demand for CBD products.

A closer look at cultivator contributions and approaches to growing hemp

• Data regarding land currently allocated to various aspects of hemp production.
• Revenue reports from previous years’ sales alongside expectations for future earnings.
• A breakdown of cultivators using seeds versus clones to grow hemp, and the role of policy and regulation in the decision.
• The portion of farmers growing hemp under contracts versus those growing independently and selling their product after harvest.
➙ Learn about the benefits of each approach and understand why cultivators favor one over the other.

Current retail trends and methods for profitably introducing hemp and CBD to consumers

• Current sales and marketing tactics for CBD and the viability of different approaches.
• The role of e-commerce in hemp and CBD sales, and how retailers position their products when choosing brick-and-mortar outlets.
• Percentage of revenue generated from hemp and CBD sales in retail stores.
➙ The findings and analysis of total revenue from hemp-exclusive establishments compared to revenue from assorted-goods stores are important to note for retailers looking to maximize.

Three Charts & Three Takeaways

Graph 1: Annual U.S. Hemp-Derived CBD Retail Sales Estimates 2018 – 2022 (Hemp Industry Daily)

Current national sales predictions for hemp and CBD mirror the earliest and most exciting predictions for the cannabis industry overall. Between traditional brick-and-mortar stores and a booming e-commerce channel, CBD is projected to keep steady market growth through 2022, easily breaking $1 billion by 2020. Estimates presented here are modest and hinge greatly on legislation that has yet to be written, but even amid regulatory constraints and ambiguity about hemp’s position in the market today, researchers have confidently concluded this is not a stagnant industry, nor is it expected to slow down any time soon.

• Estimates for sales vary between publications, but based on comprehensive study and industry surveys, these projections are the most accurate and carefully considered presentations today – despite the lack of governmental reporting on this agricultural commodity. This continued growth begs the question: Is there a limit – and what is the limit – to the potential for this industry?

Graph 2: Portion of Hemp Cultivators Generating Revenue in 2017 & Revenue Expectations for 2018 (Hemp Industry Daily)

Optimism reigns supreme among hemp cultivators. While 64% of survey respondents reported that their 2017 revenue left much to be desired, the same group of respondents have a positive outlook about their profits in 2018 – 77% expect to widen profit margins this year. With so much to consider, from legislation moving down the pipeline while this book was being finalized to growing consumer interest deepened by medical research and mainstream media reporting, cultivators are not naive to the moving parts in the hemp industry and are maintaining genuine optimism for the potential of their crops to more and generate measurable profit very soon.

• With these considerations, what will optimism for industry growth bring to the market? Will confidence in profits translate to heightened competition or accelerated market saturation in the coming years for those already establishing themselves?

Graph 3: Breakdown of Retailer Survey Respondents (Hemp Industry Daily)

Hemp- and CBD-derived products maintain at least one distinct edge over their THC counterparts: the ability to distribute product through online sales. Survey data suggests many hemp and CBD retailers are not aligning their products alongside other marijuana and THC merchandise. With many retailers taking advantage of online sales, those who do offer products in a traditional storefront report their stock does not often commingle with products in a dispensary.

Hemp-devoted stores comprise the majority of physical establishments carrying hemp and CBD products, while assorted goods stores, like natural grocers or boutique beauty and cosmetic providers, are the second-most-popular location. While subject to change, and possibly reliant on marijuana’s recreational and medical legalization overall, these early trends reflect a distinct difference in how hemp professionals are beginning to position themselves in the market against multiple facets of THC products and distribution methods.

• You need to understand what this means for business strategies across the entire scope of hemp and CBD. What is the best way to get your products into the hands of consumers, and have “best practices” already been established? What are the opportunities to build on these strategies to distinguish yourself if you’re just entering the market today?

This content was originally produced for the 2018 Hemp & CBD Industry Factbook, published by Hemp Industry Daily

Landing Page: Hemp & CBD Industry Factbook

Following the revival of the hemp industry and a rapidly surging demand for CBD, the need for benchmark data and analysis on the hemp and CBD industries is eminent — Until now, the hemp industry has been unaccounted for by any federal agency.

The Hemp & CBD Industry Factbook is the most reliable and comprehensive data report on the hemp and CBD industries available today.

Use the all-new, exclusive research in the 2018 Hemp & CBD Industry Factbook to inform better business decisions and understand the current economic, agricultural and regulatory developments impacting modern hemp and CBD markets across the U.S.

Curated by the researchers and editors of MJBizDaily, the Hemp & CBD Industry Factbook contains data findings from exclusive industry surveys and analysis from available industry data reports about these rapidly evolving industries.

Use the comprehensive evaluations in this Factbook as a resource for understanding current and upcoming industry-wide challenges (and opportunities) affecting professionals at all levels in hemp and CBD.

This Factbook contains fundamental analysis on:

  • Preliminary considerations and obstacles in each U.S. state currently regulating or licensing hemp and CBD production and distribution
  • Looming regulatory changes on the horizon following revived consumer and professional interest in the modern hemp market
  • Considerations for processors and extractors in the hemp industry as consumer demand for CBD surges
  • Cultivator contributions and approaches to growing hemp considering revenue forecasts and the role of policy and regulation
  • Current retail trends and methods for increasing acceptable profit margins while introducing hemp and CBD to consumers

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Landing Page: Industry Insight: Countries to Watch Report

Industry Insight: Countries to Watch focuses on 10 prominent countries whose cannabis policies and plans are already shifting the way industry leaders approach business decisions.

Cross-border stock listings, mergers and acquisitions, international and intercontinental partnerships, and investments in foreign businesses are already happening – but not every legalized country treats these deals equally.

Use this complimentary report to determine which international markets have the most potential to impact your cannabis involvement. This report is designed to help you maximize your profits in the cannabis industry as it continues to evolve into a cornerstone of the world economy.

This free report gives thorough guidance on:

  • Evolving government regulations impacting the number and type of licenses available to cannabis professionals
  • Understanding current laws and the potential to influence policy in emerging cannabis nations
  • Market opportunities, licensing restrictions, government involvement and the forecast for profit in future endeavors
  • Market saturation and consumer interest in cannabis relating to your success in current market conditions.
  • Optimizing involvement across every cannabis sector, including: cultivation, distribution, retail and ancillary products and services

Trusted by cannabis experts, media groups, decision-makers and professionals around the world, MJBizDaily provides timely and accurate resources for sales information, market trends and data analysis in cannabis.

The Industry Insight: Countries to Watch report is available to download for a limited time as a complimentary product to MJBizDaily subscribers.

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INT’L Canadian Business Highlight: Sessions, Influencers and Resources to Know

As the first G-7 nation to legalize recreational cannabis nationwide, Canada is setting a precedent for international policy and trade opportunities. MJBizConINT’L, Marijuana Business Daily’s inaugural international conference, is bringing together multinational thought leaders in Toronto and is poised to drive conversations around cannabis as a global commodity.

Occurring just weeks after Canada officially legalized— and only two months before recreational sales begin — MJBizConINT’L features dedicated opportunities to get in-depth insight into Canada’s market.

  • How will local and federal regulations impact entrepreneurial endeavors?
  • What can business owners do to prepare themselves for consolidation?
  • What opportunities are unique to Canada’s legal recreational market?

Flag these Canadian Market sessions to explore these questions and more essential answers about Canadian cannabis opportunities:

Canadian Market: Canada Industry Overview

This session will explore the varying regulations and policies across each province. While federal regulation allows recreational cannabis, each Canadian province has introduced unique policies that impact retail and consumption.

Hear from a panel of experts on budding recreational and medical trends, license regulations, and how Health Canada is approaching the distribution of cannabis. See the full session description >>

Sarah Zborovski

Networking tip: Are you especially interested in how to comply with Health Canada’s regulations? Find Toronto-based panel member Sara Zborovski, who provides counsel for companies regulated by Health Canada.


Canadian Market: Capitalizing on Cannabis Tourism

Consumer-friendly destination weddings and bed & breakfasts serving sativa with your morning coffee — these are just a few of the several anticipated business opportunities in the Canadian tourism market. It’s clear that business owners will need to get creative to maximize on these new opportunities.

With so many moving pieces to Canada’s marijuana market, our speakers will cover what’s allowed and what’s not in each province along with tips on growing a cannabis tourism business from the ground up. Learn about not-yet-released policies that will impact your business so you can plan for every possible outcome. See the full session description >>

Matt Cronin

Networking Tip: Founder & CEO of Canada High Tours Matt Cronin brings 20 years of travel industry expertise to this educational session. Learn more about Cronin and his plans for marijuana-friendly experiences in Toronto before you shake his hand at INT’L.


Canadian Market: What’s Next? The Future of Canada’s Cannabis Industry

Don’t just plan for October’s rollout of recreational business opportunities: Get ready for the infused product market coming in 2019. Anticipate oversaturation as more and more entrepreneurs flood the market. Prepare for consolidation as the market matures over time.

Subject matter experts will cover international business considerations, maintaining an edge over competitors, and preparing to compete overseas. See the full session description >>

Michael Gorenstein

Networking tip: Is international expansion your company’s primary focus for the future? Cronos Group CEO Michael Gorenstein has led his company’s global expansion and oversees their presence in four continents. What questions will you ask about becoming an international leader in this industry?



Ready to take it to the next level?

Check out these additional resources to reinforce your Canadian market expertise:

Canada Marijuana Business Crash Course

This intensive day-long pre-conference session is tailored for entrepreneurs and investors who want to enter the Canadian market — armed with the best available data. Seats for this event on August 14 are limited: Secure your spot and get ready for executive-level business intelligence that will inform your decisions across multiple sectors in this industry.
Learn more >>

Cannabis in Canada: Recreational Markets by Province

This FREE report contains province-by-province breakdowns that are imperative for anyone pursuing Canadian cannabusiness. Released in July 2018, this is your guide to key market data and analysis so you can create strong business plans and ensure success in the new recreational market.
Learn more >>

MJBizDaily Canada

Are you following the latest news in Canada’s cannabis market? Get the headlines sent to your inbox — for FREE! — so you can stay in step as the market evolves.
Learn more >>

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How Science and Research Affects Medical and Recreational Cannabis

Does cannabis represent a turning point for the pharmaceutical industry?

Will THC and CBD products redefine how we approach and treat disease?

When will the scientific community find meaningful benefits that debunk the international classification of cannabis as a Schedule 1 narcotic?

The answers to these questions will significantly impact the cannabis industry. Anyone with business interests in marijuana, hemp and/or CBD need to understand the role of science and research in the future of cannabis as a global commodity.

MJBizDaily designs conferences to deliver thorough, straightforward education across all sectors of cannabusiness — ancillary or plant-touching, investing or cultivating, research or retail.

Our science and research track at MJBizConINT’L provides a valuable overview of the latest academic developments paired with actionable solutions for cannabis professionals. Learn how to foster commercial relationships with medical associations, hear the latest in cannabis clinical trials, and find out how universities and governments around the world are playing a major role in the advancement of cannabis research.

Medicinal Research Benefits Recreational Use

Separate approaches to medicinal and recreational markets have benefitted cannabis progress in several ways. MJBizConNEXT Keynote Speaker Kevin O’Leary emphasized the value of approaching cannabis legalization by first lifting federal restrictions on medical use as a precedent for introducing recreational consumption.

“If there was a federally legal, medicinal solution, [lawmakers] would see the taxes and the jobs – and it would make it a lot easier to pursue recreational mandates,” O’Leary said in an interview with MJBizDaily.

Understanding the Science Driving Global Cannabis Research

The Science & Research conference sessions at MJBizConINT’L are thoughtfully designed with a holistic perspective on these questions. The editors of MJBizDaily have selected expert speakers and compiled panels of accomplished professionals to deliver comprehensive analyses of the cannabis industry as it relates to business ventures worldwide.

You’ll see how different nations approach the industry with research, whether by justifying medical applications in the MMJ community or disproving safety concerns curtailing the adoption of recreational use, plus new and surprising developments.

Our Science & Research conference tracks are designed to inform your business decisions

  • How to Use Science & Research to Boost Your Cannabis Business
    Specialists from Colombia and the United States translate technical analysis into practical applications so you can harness science to expand your impact on cannabis. Learn how to turn R&D into licensed intellectual property, develop strong commercial relationships with medical associations and potential distribution partners, and harness additional methods to use science and research for advancement. Learn More >>
  • Latest Academic Research
    In this “one-stop shop” session, cannabis researchers from Israel, Australia and the United States explore academic efforts and advances around the world. You’ll get insights into fascinating aspects of cannabis clinical trials, barriers to cannabis research, and a glimpse at the wide-ranging impacts of academic efforts on the global cannabis market. Plus, you’ll hear updates on the quest to understand the role of terpenes in the entourage effect. Learn More >>
  • The Future of Science & Research
    Experts from Canada, Israel and Peru will share what excites them most about the future of marijuana. Cannabis science is still a young field, leaving scores of questions about marijuana’s effects and applications for modern researchers to explore. Learn which diseases researchers hope to combat with THC and CBD, see new applications for cannabis (like cosmetics and veterinary medicines), and discern the seemingly infinite possibilities for commercial research. Learn More >>

If you’re ready to actively incorporate research into your business strategy, you’ll want to hear from Stephen Konigsberg, managing director and general counsel of Tikun Olam. His session, Business Insights: Creating a “Dual Track” Cannabis Business: Pharmaceutical & Medical/Adult-Use, explores how businesses can operate in both medical and adult-use cannabis.

Despite divisions between the two markets, marijuana is evolving into a commodity attracting major revenue — regardless of how it’s categorized for consumers.

View the full INT’L conference agenda to learn more about our seven distinct speaker tracks, each uniquely designed to inform international business considerations in the cannabis industry.

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Landing Page: Cannabis in Canada: Recreational Markets by Province

This is your guide to key cannabis market data and analysis across each Canadian province to ensure success in the new recreational market.

Our FREE report, Cannabis in Canada: Recreational Markets by Province, contains province-by-province financial breakdowns that are imperative for anyone pursuing or interested in Canadian cannabis.

As the first G-7 nation to legalize recreational cannabis nationwide, Canada is setting a precedent for international policy and trade opportunities. This convenient report ensures you have the most accurate insights to the Canadian market.

The data presented in Cannabis in Canada: Recreational Markets by Province is derived from dozens of interviews with industry experts and official information from governing authorities across all 10 provinces.

This free report covers topics such as:

  • Provincial and federal regulations, including potential overlap and inconsistencies
  • Where to optimize modern retail opportunities like vertical integration, online sales, cannabis cafes, and more
  • The best cities to set up cultivation operations, based on factors like climate, electricity costs and wholesale regulations
  • Fundamental consumer data, including the projected number of consumers, restrictions on public use, laws around public accommodation for cannabis and regulations on household grows
  • Individual provincial support resources like loans, education opportunities, research organizations and more

Trusted by cannabis experts, media groups, decision-makers and professionals around the world, MJBizDaily provides timely and accurate resources for sales information, market trends and data analysis in cannabis.

The Cannabis in Canada: Recreational Markets by Province report is available to download for a limited time as a FREE product to MJBizDaily subscribers.

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Toronto: Where Diversity, Diplomacy and Cannabis Collide

As MJBiz laid out the criteria for our first international conference — seeking a friendly, global destination open to research, policy, expansion and diplomatic considerations in the cannabis market — Toronto was a natural first choice.

In addition to being a financial capital and champion of diversity and inclusion, Toronto has an established acceptance of the cannabis industry – long before the passage of Bill C-45, legalizing the recreational market nationwide. For one, it’s attracted as many as 20,000 people at its annual Global Marijuana March, considered the world’s largest annual demonstration in support of legalization.

While you’re in town for MJBizConINT’L from August 14-16, you and your cannabiz colleagues can accomplish some serious networking against a background of a lively arts presence, a rich and diverse food scene, and innovative claims to cultural fame.

The future of global cannabis launches in this expansive Canadian metropolis:

Graffiti Alley Toronto

Graffiti Alley is one of several spaces throughout Toronto where street artists display their work. Image: FLICKR/Nigel Burgher

Graffiti Alley

A short walk from the Metro Convention Centre, Graffiti Alley attracts prominent graffiti artists from around the world. The results? A square kilometer of vibrant colors, intricate designs and thought-provoking images can instantly refresh you after a full day of conference sessions. Look out all around town for public art spaces that just might give you a brand new take on street art.


little italy

International districts aren’t unique to metropolitan areas, but Toronto is home to several neighborhoods showcasing unique traditions and cuisines. Image:Flickr/Alain Rouiller

International Districts

To experience unique customs and delicious cuisines from different regions of the world, you don’t even have to leave Toronto’s city limits. Spread across the city in pockets of every major neighborhood, you’ll have no trouble experiencing a uniquely new flavor — or a taste of something comfortingly familiar.

Learn more about some of the most recognizable cultural neighborhoods in Toronto: Little Italy, Little India, Chinatown, Little Jamaica, Greektown, Little Portugal, Koreatown, Little Poland, Little Malta.

Catch a variety of small plates plus an extensive list of sakes and Japanese whiskeys to kick off an evening of networking at one of Toronto’s many Izakayas. Image: Flickr/Lloyd Morgan


If you enjoy the idea of a selection of traditional Japanese small plates delivered over several delicious hours, then you’ll appreciate that Izakayas are popping up all over Toronto. With their extensive selections of Japanese whiskeys, sakes and traditional small plates presented in a low-key and relaxing atmosphere, Izakayas are impressive venues for informal business meetings or extending your conference networking well into the evening.


Tour the home of one of the world’s most prestigious film festivals at TIFF Bell Lightbox in the Entertainment District. Image: See Toronto Now

TIFF Bell Lightbox

The annual Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) in September attracts nearly half a million attendees every year and is considered the largest and one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world. But, did you know they host year-round screenings of both popular and indie flicks? A perfect weekend activity, you can also catch discussions with leading critics, directors, writers and others at the TIFF Bell Lightbox in the heart of Toronto’s media and entertainment district.


It’s undeniable that some of the greatest hockey players in the world hail from the Great White North. Image: FLICKR/Brian Crawford

Hockey Hall of Fame

Hockey, eh? It wouldn’t be right to exclude hockey from our highlights, especially since 2018 marks the 75th anniversary of the Hockey Hall of Fame. And while the museum closes at 5 p.m. on weekdays, you can still make a pilgrimage if you plan on extending your Toronto visit through the weekend!


Toronto is a bustling Canadian metropolis at the forefront of innovation and cultural progress — and we couldn’t be more excited to host our premier international conference in such a lively, cannabis-friendly destination. If you haven’t booked your MJBizConINT’L accommodations yet, we have some great discounted options for hotels in prime locations around the city, and some great deals for transportation when you arrive.

We look forward to seeing you in Toronto!


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